How Does A Moving Inventory Calculator Help With User Experience

How Does A Moving Inventory Calculator Help With User Experience

There are many reasons to use a moving inventory calculator. These include its ability to visually sort and calculate the cubic meterage of the user’s inventory. The user can also easily add items to a list and determine the appropriate truck size. These advantages make moving inventory calculators a great addition to any furniture removalists business.

Calculate the cubic meterage

When customers are moving to a new location, calculating cubic volume is an important part of figuring out how much space their belongings will take up. 

Having an inventory calculator to figure out the amount of space their belongings require and how much space they have for packing and transporting them is an invaluable tool that can ultimately attract the customer to use your logistical service. 

Customers’ can easily get out the tape measure and start to measure items they are moving and do some basic maths to work out the solution but with so many resources on the internet, what will attract a customer to use your calculator and ultimately your service? 

As a moving company providing interstate removals, an inventory calculator is a useful tool to help the customer solve this problem and prepare their inventory and budget before they move. A visual representation can bring something that is boring and mundane to a user and make it engaging and fun and doing so providing excellent UX.

To calculate cubic volume, you simply need to multiply the length, width, and height of the items you are moving. Ensure all units of measure are in metres.

Can determine the right size truck

Using a moving inventory calculator is an excellent way to estimate the space you will need in your truck. The online tool will allow your customers to determine the volume of boxes, beds, and other large items. While most moving companies will tell you what their trucks can hold, you can recommend truck sizes based on what they have added to the inventory calculator.

Most truck rental companies have a similar online calculator that will help you determine the appropriate truck size a customer will need based on what they are moving.  New Zealand moving companies are beginning to standardize the way they build their websites by providing useful tools such as an inventory calculator to help customers know what will fit in a particular size truck. If the size they select comes up multiple times, it’s likely the right size truck for their move.

Provides the user an inventory list

By allowing the user to engage with the inventory calculator, adding items and removing items from the list and seeing what the cubic volume is it adds to the UX. Simply by allowing them to export that list once they are happy with what they have added to the calculator, will further add to the UX of what a simple inventory calculator can achieve. As, this provides the benefit of the customer to have a ready inventory list for when they move and may even ultimately lead them to reach out to the moving company that provided this inventory calculator as a result to use their services.

Engaging the customer

Any inventory calculator that is designed to capture the engagement of customers and allows them to interact with the tool will also add to the overall UX. Allowing them to drag a couch for example and add it to a truck, a pot plant and add it to the truck or removing items from the truck. This engagement allows the customer to virtually move loading and unloading items on and off the truck. The more time that they invest interacting with the tool, the more invested they are in moving whilst e0ngaging in your brand. 

Be visual with the display

A good moving calculator will be able to present all the information in an exciting, engaging and fun way. This adds to the customer UX by allowing them see all the information at hand including how a packed truck may look like, what size truck will be able to carry all the items and how much space has been used up. Maybe how much dead space will there be. A visual display is essential if you want to encapsulate and retain the user and ultimately get them to use your moving service.